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From Manager to Mommy Mode

After a long day of meetings and deadlines, switching gears to making dinner and helping the kids with homework can be challenging.  Many working moms find it difficult to leave the office behind and go from being a manager to a mommy.  In fact, 50% of working moms find it tough to make the shift.  Here are some tips to smooth the transition.

Make a “to-do” list. Before you leave the office, jot down a quick office “to-do” list for the next day.  This will help jump-start your next workday, and leave you less apt to think about work at home.  After you make your list, forget about it – until tomorrow.

Change your tune. Instead of listening to a leadership development podcast on your commute home, listen to your favorite CD.  Music can help relax you before you walk in the front door.  Your kids will sense if you’re still tense from work.

Focus on fun. If you worry about all you have to get done at home – making dinner and driving your son to soccer practice – family time can feel like another job.  Focus on the fun stuff instead.  Plan an after-dinner walk with your family or a trip to your local ice cream shop for dessert.  Thinking ahead about this time together will help you to live in the mommy moment.

For more tips on how to balance work and family, read Passport to Priorities: Your Road Map to Balanced Living.

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