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10 Ways to Maintain Important Relationships

Relationships are important to a healthy balance.  We all need other people in our lives.  Spending time with family or friends can help rejuvenate us.  We also need people we can depend upon in times of need – to provide emotional support, comfort, or a helping hand.

 Sometimes we get so busy that we neglect important relationships – with our spouse, children, extended family, or friends.  It’s easy to take our spouse for granted, and then eventually drift apart.  We need to invest time to nurture our marriage.  When we’re busy, we often don’t make time for friends, and our friendships fade over time.  How can we make these important relationships a priority?  Here are ten tips to help you maintain relationships over time.

  1.  Schedule a date night with your spouse.  Go out for coffee, dinner, a movie, etc. or spend a quiet, intimate evening at home and send the kids to a sitter’s house.
  2. Attend a marriage retreat together once a year.
  3. Get away for an overnight stay every few months.  Time away from work, home, and kids will do wonders for your marriage.
  4. Use Skype to connect with family members who live far away.  It’s the next best thing to being there.
  5. Use Facebook or e-mail to catch up with extended family and friends.
  6. Schedule a lunch date with a friend at least once a month.
  7. Schedule a game night or potluck dinner once a month with friends and neighbors.
  8. Call on your cell phone and catch up with a friend.  You can even talk while you’re folding laundry or driving on the freeway.
  9. Keep a record of birthdays of family members and close friends.  Then at the beginning of each month, buy birthday cards for everyone with a birthday that month.
  10. Develop a good support network of people (family, friends, neighbors) with whom you can exchange favors.


 Do you have any tips to add to this list?  Please share with other readers what you do to maintain important relationships?

How to Keep Family a Priority

We all get so busy that it’s easy to lose sight of our priorities.  Have you ever had one of those weeks where you’re all running in different directions?  Between work, school, household chores, kids’ activities, and more, it’s hard to find time for family.  How can you make family a priority?  Here are 5 tips to keep the focus on family.

  1. Hold a family meeting once a week.  This is an opportunity to give praise and discuss issues (chores, homework, etc.). 
  2. Schedule family time to do something fun together each week.
  3. Plan to have dinner together at least three times a week.  With sports practices, music or dance lessons, and dinner meetings, this can be a challenge to eat dinner together as a family.
  4. Schedule one-on-one time with each child (weekly or monthly).  Let your child choose the activity.
  5. Have a back-up plan.  Find one or two people you can rely on in a pinch to pick up kids from school, take to appointments, etc.