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7 Tips to Bring Greater Peace of Mind

Are you constantly on the go, and feel like you don’t even have a chance to catch your breath?  Our busy, hectic lives can drain us of energy and enthusiasm for life.  How can you avoid the chaos and enjoy more peace?  Here are seven tips to help you simplify, reduce the clutter, and rejuvenate your soul.  These practices will result in greater balance and peace of mind.

1)    Live in the present. Live in the moment and stop dwelling on the past – the “could-have, should-have, would-have” thinking just clutters your mind.  Us the past as a learning experience and let it go.  Plan for the future, but don’t worry about the future and what might happen.   Enjoy the present!

2)    Stop and smell the flowers. It’s true that we are happiest when we enjoy the simple pleasures.  It could be enjoying a morning cup of coffee or watching the hummingbirds at your feeder.  When we stop to enjoy the little things we naturally slow down and enjoy life.

3)    Practice gratitude. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, think about what you already have.  Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?”  By focusing on gratefulness your perspective will become more positive and your stress will be reduced.

4)    Reprogram negative thoughts. First become aware of your negative thoughts and self-talk.  Then reframe your negative thoughts into more positive thoughts.  Speak kindly to yourself as you would your best friend.  Remember that what you think produces your actions.  So if you think negatively, you will act negatively.  But if you think positive thoughts, you will act in a positive manner.  The choice is up to you.

5)    Detox emotionally. Cut off relationships with any toxic people in your life.  You know who they are – the ones who raise your anxiety and stress level – and cause you to feel bad about yourself.  If you can’t cut of relations altogether (such as family members), then set boundaries and limit your exposure to them.

6)    Spend time in nature. Being out in nature rejuvenates us and brings a sense of calm and peace.  Better yet is if you’re exercising (walking, jogging, bicycling) in nature.  You’ll enjoy the dual benefit of stress reduction.

7)    Allow yourself a day of rest. Take a day of leisure – to do what you most enjoy – or nothing at all.  It’s a day of no pressure, no time limits and no ‘to-do’ lists.  We all need down time to refresh and rejuvenate us.

7 Spiritual Practices to Rejuvenate Your Soul

Do you ever feel like you’re on a treadmill and can’t get off?  Our busy, hectic schedules can drain us of energy and enthusiasm for life.  We need to take a time-out each day to nurture our souls.  Here are 7 spiritual practices that will rejuvenate you.  Practicing these habits can bring you peace of mind, and help you maintain a sense of balance in your life.

  1. Take quiet time to be still and reflect on your life.  We’re constantly running on the treadmill of life that we rarely take time for reflection.
  2. Get clear about your values.  When you’re crystal-clear about your values and what that looks like in terms of behaviors, then you’re more likely to actually live by your values.
  3. Practice gratefulness.  List all the things you’re grateful for.  When you’re feeling down, pull out your list and review it.
  4. Take a walk outside when you’re feeling stressed and uptight.  Getting outside in the fresh air and taking a walk will do you good.
  5. Listen to inspirational music.  It will lift your spirits.
  6. Read inspirational literature.
  7. Take time to pray and meditate each day.

What do you do to rejuvenate your soul?  Please share with other readers.